Ways To Protect Yourself From Fake Sex Crime Allegations 


Sex crime allegations can have adverse consequences for the accused individual. When you are innocent, and you see people blaming you for a horrible crime that you did commit, it can be devastating for your social image, career, and other aspects of life. Moreover, there is a stigma against the accused individuals, even before they are declared guilty. 

That is why it is important to take precautions to avoid sex crime allegations. While some people may make fake allegations to take revenge or for some other reason, some people may make allegations against you when they think you were attempting to engage in inappropriate or non-consensual sexual activities. Such miscommunications or errors can ruin your life. Contact a Massachusetts sex crimes defense lawyer today. 

Ways to protect yourself from fake sex crime allegations 

  • Always be in good communication with your partner. 

Before you engage in sexual activity with your spouse or any other romantic partner, it is important to seek their consent instead of assuming that they want to “do it”. Their consent should be enthusiastic rather than forced. They should not agree to get involved with you just because they feel they are obligated to do so. Always maintain open and honest communication with your partner to avoid miscommunications. 

  • Understand the age of consent. 

Depending on the state you live in, the legal age of consent may be between 16 and 18. Before you engage in sexual activity with someone relatively young, be sure to research the legal consent age in your jurisdiction and make sure you comply with them. If you engage in sexual activity with a minor and use the defense that you did not know their age, it is rarely of any use. It is your responsibility to know their age and ensure that they are not lying. 

  • Avoid unwanted advances. 

As a grown and mature person, you should be able to understand when a person is not interested in you. When you see someone who does not want to go out with you or has already refused you once, you should respect their boundaries and not try to “convince” them by asking them repeatedly. Unwanted advances, even if it is just asking them on a dinner date, can be annoying for some people. 

  • Use digital communication wisely. 

The age of digital communication has removed effective communication from relationships. Something you say might be interpreted wrongly by the other party. Innocent flirting can be taken as sexting by twisting your words. Once you send such texts and the other party documents it, it may be used against you in court. 

Hire a criminal defense attorney for sex crimes today. 

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