What to Know When Seeking Compensation for a Whiplash Injury After a Bellevue Car Accident


If you suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident, you may want to know how much compensation you may be able to recover. This amount depends on a lot of factors associated with your situation. You need to have an auto accident attorney in Bellevue review your claim, so you know how much compensation you may be entitled to. If the attorney determines you have a valid claim, they will help you pursue compensation that can cover your medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and other damages. 

What is a Whiplash Injury?

A whiplash injury causes a forceful head and neck movement, leaving them jerking back and forth quickly. Although this soft tissue injury is often suffered in a car accident, it can also result from a slip and fall accident, a sports injury, and physical abuse. Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain or stiffness, limited range of motion in your neck, dizziness, arm tingling or numbness, blurry vision, fatigue, and headaches.

The Grading System for Whiplash

Whiplash is graded according to its severity. 

  • Grade 0. Whiplash with this grade does not present immediate symptoms or injuries. But keep in mind that you could still be harmed even if you do not have symptoms. 
  • Grade 1. If you have this whiplash grade, you may not experience physical symptoms first, but you could experience pain in your neck for weeks or even months following the crash. Such delayed symptoms need to be addressed.
  • Grade 2. In this category, you may experience neck pain and signs of musculoskeletal injury.
  • Grade 3. If you have this whiplash grade, you also experience neck pain and may be physically impaired.

Sometimes, a whiplash injury may not be discovered until days or weeks after the crash. So, after a car accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. 

Calculating Your Damages

The amount of settlement you could get for a whiplash injury depends on a lot of factors such as the seriousness of your injury and how long it will take to fully recover from it. A minor whiplash injury can heal on its own within just a few weeks or a few months. But more serious whiplash can last for many years and may require ongoing medical treatment. An excellent car accident attorney can calculate the amount of compensation you may be able to seek for your injury. Often, you could be compensated for doctor visits, physical therapy, surgery costs, rehab services, medication costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

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