Filing an injury lawsuit in LA: How relevant is your lawyer?


Whether you sustained injuries in a car crash in Los Angeles or suffered the consequences of a dog bite, you should take time to understand the state laws. In California, you have to adhere to the deadlines set by the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits, and for most circumstances, you have two years to take legal action. If you are confused about whether you should hire an experienced attorney, we have discussed the relevance of legal help below.

Lawyers can assess your damages

In many situations, victims have no clue what their damages are worth. For instance, if you have suffered disfigurement following a dog bite, you could be entitled to compensation for the loss of future income. Every case has specific facts and must be evaluated accordingly. Fortunately, most law firms don’t charge anything for reviewing potential lawsuits, and you can get a fair understanding of the damages.

Lawyers have the resources

Experienced attorneys work with experts all time to investigate injury claims and accidents. If required, your lawyer may hire medical experts, private investigators, and other professionals, like accident reconstruction specialists, to determine fault and gather evidence. As someone who hasn’t filed an injury claim in the past, the process can be excruciatingly hard otherwise.

Lawyers can take the case to trial

The majority of personal injury lawsuits in LA never go to trial, and while you would hope for that, there is always a slim chance that your case needs litigation. Representing yourself in court isn’t the best idea. Because lawyers take up such claims without an immediate fee, you have more reasons to seek legal help. The attorney can also keep an eye on the deadlines.

Lawyers can minimize your stress

Knowing that your attorney is in charge of negotiating with the insurance company or the other party is quite a relief. The best attorneys always take time to explain legal options to clients, and you can expect to get regular updates on the matter. You don’t need to deal with the claims adjuster, who may otherwise try to get you to sign a release or other documents.

Meeting an attorney

When you step in for a consultation with an injury attorney, ensure that you bring a file containing all your medical records and the evidence you have, which are handy for the initial assessment. They will discuss the ideal ways to proceed with the case and offer insights on handling the situation better.

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