Common Injuries to Claim in Motorcycle Accident: How an Attorney Can Help


A motorcycle rider suffers the most in an accident compared to a car and another vehicle. From medical treatment to lost wages and battles with legal insurance companies, the victim must deal with many consequences of an accident case.

You may wonder what injuries should be claimed if you suffer from serious injuries. That is where a Roswell motorcycle crash attorney comes in. They help determine the types of injuries you can claim and the compensation amount you are entitled to win. Continue reading to know more about the injuries that can be claimed.

Most common accidental injuries to be claimed

Here are some common injuries an injured victim can claim for compensation.

  • Injuries to the Chest/Trunk: Injuries to the lower abdomen and chest region are common in motorcycle accidents. If you have serious injuries such as broken ribs, fractures, internal organ damage, and high-risk injuries, you should file for compensation against a third party.
  • Road Rash: Road rash generally occurs when a motorcycle rider is dragged down to the ground and skin is scraped away. Severe road rash may require skin grafting, which can be expensive. To avoid such circumstances, motorcycle riders should wear protective gear to shield themselves from road rash.

However, you can claim compensation for medical expenses in case of road rash. An attorney will help you achieve the right monetary benefits by considering your injuries.

  • Injuries to Lower Extremities: Injuries to the feet, ankles, and legs are common during motorcycle accidents. These injuries may result from a collision between a biker and a fixed object, with a leg caught between wheel spokes. Fractures, joint dislocation, and mangling are potential injuries that can be considered for compensation.

Other compensation Related lower extremity injuries include soft-tissue injuries, tissue inflammation, and ligament damage.

  • Head Injuries: Head injuries are the most prevalent cause of death in an accident. The injury may occur when the rider falls from the bike during a collision. Concussions, cuts, and traumatic brain injuries are some of the common head injuries for which individuals can claim compensation.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: A spinal cord injury is serious and may cause irreversible damage, such as paralysis. Injured patients may suffer financial losses due to the injury. A lawsuit helps to achieve the right compensation to recover the losses.

However, before filing a claim, we advise you to consult a motorcycle crash attorney for legal guidance. They will help you decide how much compensation you deserve to sustain a post-recovery life.

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